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Whether you’re a highly experienced website developer or are brand new to the industry and you’re looking for a few helpful tips on how to progress your website, there’s one thing that should be considered above everything else and that’s your keyword usage. What exactly are keywords, how do they work and what can you do with them? Well let’s take a look at the facts behind these handy little web tools now.


Keywords are specific words, phrases, or in some cases even sentences that can be indexed by most major search engines (think Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves). Once they’ve been indexed, your website will then become findable to anyone in the entire world, just by them adding a few of those specific keywords when they go online.


So how exactly can key words help you?


Let’s imagine that you own a construction company. Your company will have a whole range of services, in a unique location and with specific details that no one else has. If you decide that now’s the time to get your company listed online and to get yourself more easily reachable to a wider audience it’s a good idea to start thinking up a few priority keywords that you can add to your site details. These details are usually available for you to customize with most web developing tools and pieces of software.


So let’s say that your company is based in Melbourne, Australia and that you offer miniature architectural designs before your company undertakes real construction. Your keywords should be specific to you and should ideally be words like  ‘Construction, Melbourne, Pre-design’, etc. Depending on how popular your website is and how likely your keywords are to be entered by someone online, you’ll be able to drive a whole new wave of traffic your way.


So what would happen if there were plenty of people with the same keywords as you, in a similar area and offering similar services? Well that’s where things become a little tricky, but it’s not the end of the rope. All that you’ll need to do is to try and come up with a few words that are really specific to you. Maybe you offer a unique service, a customized offer or something that no one else has come up with.


You’ll normally get a choice of a few keywords to enter for submission, so if you’re ever stuck for ideas, why not use your company name or even your own name as a keyword? That way, if people already know who you are and what you do, they’ll be able to search for you and find you almost immediately. Company names have to be unique in most cases, especially if they’re registered, so you could also try a combination of your company name and then your services to make sure that your keywords are taken full advantage of.


Nothing quite oozes priority like a website’s keywords. After all, if a search engine doesn’t have any keywords to refer to when indexing your site, you won’t be as easy to find. So think long and hard on unique words that suit you to reap the maximum benefits.

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